Saturday, November 05, 2011

"The corner." Lathum, Holland.

I noticed this scene last Thursday and with this Indian summer
I couldn't let it pass, ... it was beautiful as I painted it, but it
became spectacular when I finished, such a shame, although
sunset's are soo tricky, you almost have to do it in two steps
one for the block inn and a second setup for the final touches

"De bocht." Lathum, Holland.
(The corner.) Oil on panel. 24 x 30 cm.


Michael Lindstrom said...

What a stunning painting! Great, soft background trees, beautiful sky and your foreground is awesome. Incredible greens and very convincing painting.

René PleinAir said...

Thanks Michael,

It was indeed such a great view, ... with that lovely sunny light and this autumn grass.

Thanks again for you comment.