Friday, February 03, 2012

"Along the pond avenue." Doetinchem, Holland.

The removal finally getting to it's end, and between all the
carrying of boxes and other heavy stuff, I did manege last weekend
to paint this little sketch, ...

Doetinchem is awesome, for example this scene is just 5 min. from my
new home!! New ground to cover!!!

"Langs de Vijverlaan." Doetinchem, Holland.
(Along the pond avenue.) Oil on panel. 24 x 30 cm.


Oli said...

I wish you all the best living at your new home. Sure you'll find lots of places to paint.

Keith Tilley said...

Good to hear you're getting settled. Hope you enjoy exploring.

Johan said...

Nice plein air work!
Heeft het in Nederland ook gesneeuwd?

Marilyn Flanegan said...

I can see why you made the time to paint this and I admire your spirit! Congratulations on your new abode - you seem to be settling in quite beautifully.

: )

Darrell Baschak said...

Another gem of a painting Rene. Enjoy your new digs and vistas!