Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Caterpillar track Arnhem The Netherlands

Again a awesome day with the Pictura Gelria paint out group, we went to the open air, or better!!
The PleinAir museum in Arnhem, a museum with all kinds of historic buildings which stood all over the country and had to move through the years, a lovely museum cause you can walk from the north of our country to the south in just a few minutes, ... can you imagine how many lovely subjects there are to paint?! During the winter season there is a little Marketplace in the centre of this museum, with a carousel ans little stands with all kinds of early 1900 stuff, like wooden shoes and willowbaskets and of course deep fried dougnuts, ... mjammie!! So you see it's not all happening in the so called "Holland" this side of the Netherlands is just as beautiful to say the least!!
Rupsbaan. Arnhem, The Netherlands.
Oil on panel. 24 x 30 cm.
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modeltekenen@deuitwijk said...

Mooi geschilderd René, Ik zie dat ie ook op de Facebookpagina van het Openluchtmuseum is te zien.