Thursday, June 02, 2016

Farmers clutter. Hummelo, The Netherlands

Thinking about Haidee-Jo Summers posting a few days back I thought this might be a good title for my painting.

She is about to release a DVD about her painting btw. A real something to looking forward to.
If you have some money to spend, ... go for it!

Anyhow here's my painting about clutter on a agricultural scale

Boeren zooi. Hummelo, The Netherlands.
Oil on panel. 30/40 cm.


C-Marie said...

Definitely looks like this farm has seen years of hard work!!
P.S. Just bought Haidee-Jo's dvd!
God bless always, C-Marie

Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention Rene, and I loved this when I saw it on Facebook today - just my cup of tea! ;-)

René PleinAir said...

Thanks you two,

Indeed it has Marie, sadly it's sold now and the new owner are going to renovate it all.

No probs Haidee-Jo, I'm soo looking forward to you DVD.
If this kinds of scenery is your cup of tea, I recommend to stay in England then ;-)

Marco van der Wielen said...

Hij's heel mooi Rene!