Thursday, June 30, 2016

Shower all around. Doesburg, The Netherlands

Great day yesterday with the Pictura Gelria group. A Facebook group of painters who paint each week all year round somewhere in the county of Gelderland (a Provence of The Netherlands near the German boarder) Gelderland is the largest Provence of The Netherlands btw. and has soo much to offer. Rivers, Woods historic building ancients city's lot of the foreigners Google on Holland which usually leads them to the west side of our country with the seaside Amsterdam and so on.But in fact your missing the real good stuff cause lots of them are long gone and teared down over there while most of those "oldy" stuff still exist on the more rural part of "Holland"

Anyway, this ones made nearby the river IJssel. High tide which is strange for this time of year it only is there because of the heavy downpour in Germany the last couple of weeks. It's a small work 18 x 24 cm. and more a cloud study I'll reckon.

Buien alom. Doesburg, The Netherlands.
Oil on panel. 18/24 cm.

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