Sunday, September 04, 2016

Pintar Rapido 2016

Been to Amsterdam yesterday to attend Pintar Rapido, ... I like the event
mainly because it's free for everyone, but I didn't submit my painting because
I don't like the new direction it's going. The sellection between amateurs and
(semi) professionals is plein rubbish in my mind, the qualtity of work should do
that job. It seems now a days that how lower the quality of work is the harder the
artists are yelling that they are the best and demand special threatment. To top this
all off they asked the most shouting person in The Netherlands to be part of the judging
committee! I'm not prepared to be Judge by such people, I leave it to the ordinairy guy
in the street during my daily painting sessions, ... who in the end, will buy my work.

Anyhow, it was a great day! Met Saskia Koppelaar the wife of Frans an artist which
I admire for ages. To bad he wasn't around but I did saw and liked the exhoubition which opens
today for that matter.

If you are in the neighborhood do take a peek at:

It's well worth the effort!!

Here my effort of yesterdays paintingtrip to the little village called Amsterdam.

Voor Karen. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Oil on panel 30/40 cm.

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