Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Burgemeester de Wijslaan 14. Brummen, The Netherlands

Soo nice to go a little further away then the area around my home town.
Today I went to Brummen, ... a 50 min. travel. I know for you guys abroad
it's a distance of nothing but I like it to discover new little corners to paint.

Burgemeester de Wijslaan 14. Brummen, The Netherlands.
Oil on panel. 30/40 cm.

Next week I'm heading to Deventer, ... a little further then today even outside this county.
If you would like to join or have a look what I'm up to come along. I'm planning to be at the
Sandton IJsselhotel Worp 2, at 10:00 o clock. that's on the other side of the IJssel btw. Would be fun to meet you there.

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