Thursday, November 02, 2017

Something else

Been busy with maintenance of my car due to the fact I'm off for painting in the Woods next week. 
As ussual I rented a little cabin and plan to paint my butt off overthere, ...

I've been interviewed several months ago by the Los Angeles Art Guide.
I thought it might be a nice posting to overcome this sillence.

click > here < for the interview.


jimserrettstudio said...

Good interview, wetcanvas was a great place to connect online with other artist, that is where I first saw your work. We posted in many the sane threads.

René PleinAir said...

Yes indeed Jim, those where the days!!
Things changed a lot since then, I don't know if it's all for the best.
Everything seems to go much faster now but in the mean time also much shallower as well.

Thanks for your reply, ... appreciated!