Friday, July 26, 2019

Paitnings from my trip to Vollenhove

Due to the fact it going to take much to long to see all the paintings of my painting trip last week to Vollenhove I'll upload them all at once.

They are all for sale, ... feel free to send me an email for the details.

Omdat het veel te lang gaat duren om alle schilderijen die ik gemaakt heb tijdens mijn schilderstrip naar Vollenhove per dag op te laden, alles maar in één keer.

Ze zijn allen te koop, ... stuur me een emailtje voor de details.

All pictures as "clickable"
Alle foto's zijn "aanklikbaar"

1 comment:

Jo Castillo said...

These are all great. I especially like the boat and the reddish house a couple below it. Wow. Productive week. Yep the heat wave left the US and went to you. Sorry….