Tuesday, May 11, 2021

de Tol. Westendorp, The Netherlands

Didn't like the disk on top, ... thanks Alberto for giving the push.

De Tol.
(Picture is clickable!)

De Tol.
Westendorp, The Netherlands.
Oil on panel. 24 x 40 cm.


Jo Castillo said...

Artistic license … you paint to your own liking. You can move mountains!

René PleinAir said...

I know, but in the end it takes away all use of painting plein air that way doesn't it?

Jo Castillo said...

I suppose you are right in a way. But if you feel something like the dish is too distracting you can leave it out. Especially in a landscape you might leave out a big tree or boulder that is in the way. By the way, I like your painting both ways. :-)