Thursday, September 28, 2006

Again Oosterbeek.

Kastanjehof, Oosterbeek. Holland.

Again Oosterbeek, what a nice little village it is.
In early days painters already knew that, but i see why.


Daniela Lot said...

The more i see your paintings, the more i like them!
I never get tired of looking at them!

Anonymous said...

Niet echt een commentaar (die geef ik wel op het forum) maar meer een melding dat ik (eindelijk) ook een link naar jouw weblog hebben kunnen opnemen in mijn weblog.
Was ff zoeken in de HTML-code, maar is gelukt.

Daniela Lot said...

Just wanted to say hi.

Also, wanted to tell you that i really like when u use black, as you do in the painting with the cows...i love that one!

PS: it looks like black for friends tease me saying i dont know colors. So, forgive me if they are another color. Maybe thats true and i have some difficulties to difere colors...maybe i should use this difficulty when painting...maybe my friends have a color problem, not me :)

Max said...

Wonderful landscape painting, René! Like the abstract style.

June Parrish Cookson said...

Love this painting. The colors and half-hidden house is wonderful.