Tuesday, October 03, 2006


9 x 12 " Oil on board.

We are in a big renovation here at home so not much
time to get outside. So a painting out the old shoebox.


Daniela Lot said...

Hi René!!

While i was waiting for a new painting of you, i checked the ones you have already posted (well, i saved them to my computer...do u mind?).

This weekend i "fixed" a paint i thought there was no hope.
I worked on its edges. Well, the result is much better, but it lacks in personality.

Hey, renovation is always good.
I do it a lot, and each time i find out many things to change.

Oh, i cant stop looking at your new painting...another great one!

Jamie Williams Grossman said...

Rene, it's great to see you among the Daily Painters! I recognized your work in an instant!

Leslie Sealey said...

This one is very beautiful, René. My brother loves art too, and he thinks your paintings are outstanding (they are).

Larry Seiler said...

glad to see your blog, Rene...and especially like this one and your latest!!! Lovely pieces... 8^)

Amy Albert said...

All your paintings are really beautiful.
You've found the beauty in grey.