Friday, January 26, 2007

De Pals, Westervoort.

Stayed close to home today,

"De Pals" Westervoort, Holland.
Oil on board. 7 x 9"
This is probably the most beautiful neighborhood in my little town.
Also the most painted i reckon, all the people who came watching told me that.


rob ijbema said...

wow,you've been busy!
i like the white stone wash wall of the house and...ofcourse the car!

Daniela Lot said...

I wonder where i get after i turn the corner near the car....

All the spots you paint in your neighborhood have a charming atmosphere.

This reminds me that the reality is not what we see, but what we make.

Thx for showing us such nice realities, René :)

(have a nice weekend)

René PleinAir said...

Thanks Rob, yeah Rob and cars!
For people who are reading these go have a look at Rob's new blog Car a Day !!

How right you are, but plein air does seems to get a little closer to reality, .... maybe more the essence of it i think anyway.Thank you for visiting

Schuivert said...

You've seem to hit the character of the house well! It looks very "real"!

Wonder if there with plein air simply is less time to ruin the painting with too careful lines, with too much ideology, too many plans etc.
(besides the fact that the colours and lines can best be seen in real of course).

Jon Conkey said...

Hi Rene',

I discovered your blog through Leslie Sealey's. I sure admire your ability to write in a second difficult language...God knows I can't speak Dutch, much less write in Dutch.

You and Rob Ijbema certainly deal with much grey weather, your work shows the atmospheric mood greatly.

Cheers, Jon

René PleinAir said...

Dank je wel Jon!
Ach Nederlands of Engels het maakt niet zoveel. Er zijn natuurlijk ook meer Engelse speelfilms enzo. Dus ergens is Engels wel zo handig om te kennen. Dank voor je bezoekje.

Success with the translation! ;-)