Sunday, January 28, 2007

New shoes.

didn't had much time today, ... some shopping.
While doing that, my old shoes broke.
I can fix them, maybe tomorrow.

Anyway i had a 20 minutes sketch
to draw my "Brand New Shoes!"
Not for sale.


Schuivert said...

Good choice of shoes René! Watertight, easy to clean, lots of room for thick socks and not much chance that anything goes wrong with them.
And as a regular user you are probably used to the hardness of the edges.. but I don't suppose they still make them somewhere around you? Only saw it once, an old little shop where they where still made by hand.

René PleinAir said...

Thanks Bart,

Indeed i walk on "klompen" for as long i remember, and yes you get some "eelt" on those hard edges places you even grow more bone on those spots, they discovered that by excavated corpses! I buy them by the same people that i did all those years, that's because now a days they also make "souvenir"s klompen" just to walk short distances or purely for show.

Frank A. said...

Nice Rene ! I did not think that there were many left who still wore the "klompen ?" these days. A sketch of the broken ones would have been interesting.

Is that your home behind the car in the last painting of your neighbourhood ? A nice piece, love the colour.

Take care.

Daniela Lot said...

Hi, René!

There is a little city near Campinas called Holambra (Holand + Brasil), where many dutch people live. Each year there is a festival there, where i 've been some times. I was always fascinated for this kind of shoes... Wouldnt be able to walk in one of those, though... :)

rob ijbema said...

oooh rene,you are so Hollands!
i like it

i never wore klompen but they are great for making saling boats!