Monday, January 08, 2007

Last for a while.

This will be the last watercolor for now, ....
I am urging to get out, the weather wasn't that bad today,
and tomorrow it should be even better, ... better then i am at least.
Any way im of tomorrow for the real stuff , ..... plein air in oil!!
Today did again a little watercolor, from an plein air work.

" Way to no where."
A4 format watercolor on paper.


Laura Wambsgans said...

The painting "feels" like I would imagine your country. Looks good. Hope you have the best time ever tomorrow and aren't feeling poorly. (Today in So California, it was 75/sunny)

Heidi Malott said...

Great watercolors Rene'! I hope the fresh air helps you feel better. You mention color in the last post...You have a unique style, and your work is a window for us to see your part of the world. I think we instinctively paint - it is then our style...but if you feel colorful some days its fun to play with : )

rob ijbema said...

last but best!
great to follow your progress Rene
hope you pick them up soon again

René PleinAir said...

It is a bit like Holland so foggy and damped especially nearby a big river. Thank you Laura

Thanks for visiting my blog Heidi, You right fresh air certainly will help. I was a bit bored of working in my studio. Plein air is sooo much more!!

Rob i undoubtedly gone pick it up again, but when it's raining every 10 minutes or so, outside it's a whole other way of watercolor painting. But i also are very curios what it would be like plein air.