Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lessons to be learned.

Wauw, slowly i it feels a little more something for me,
watercolor, .......... One new thing to be learned,
is NOT to mix to much in front,
let the paint do it's work and mix on the paper.

watercolor on paper, A4.

I don't use enough colors i think, on the other hand
im not so much of a color-man, ..... i guess.


Daniela Lot said...

One of the things i most like about your paintings is exactely that you dont use so many colors.

That's the charm, René...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Daniela. The muted tones you've been using communicate a wintry feel. I love it.

René PleinAir said...

Thanks Daniela and Ajlec,
I don't really know where those muted tones feeling is coming from, i used to like Breitner en Israels and other old dutch plein air painters, but i can imagine that those colors are running into your blood or what?