Monday, May 14, 2007

"Back to the shipyard." Holland.

Went back to the shipyard today,
I was there a while ago, see:

An afternoon at a shipyard. Holland

"Terug naar de scheepswerf." Westervoort, Holland.

(Back to the shipyard.) Oil on board.

24 x 30 cm.

Btw. Iam tagged by Judy from "Kats-in-Klompen"

Don't know if I should be happy or, .... ?

Anyway I have to tell 7 things about myself that other wouldn't

likely know, and then I have to tag 7 other blogger, ... that would be something!

Here we go:

1. I am left-handed, so that's revealed No more hiding from that.

2. I am living together with my girlfriend without been married.

3. I have a very old Morris Minor Van from 1968.

4. I am a self-taught artist working more then 20 year now.

5. Don't drink or smoke anymore, give that up just last year.

And would it suggest to everybody who drinks or smokes.

6. Used to paint abstract landscapes on larger scale (90 x 120 cm) a few years ago.

7. I play also Didgeridoo sometimes.

Wow that wasn't so easy as I thought it would be, now for the hard part:

1. Brigitte A dutch artist who also moderates a dutch artist forum.

2. Rob IJbema THE "CAR-man" The way he can paint racing-cars is just unbelievable.

Not to mention his plein air paintings!

3. Stefan Nuetzel A marvelous German painter who lives in museum I think.

He also can paint nudes sooo well and plein air all in one a great painter!

4. Leslie Sealey She is one of the most funniest painter I found on Internet.

Just kidding, although she has a great sense of humor in her work, together with

a nice technique its well worth taking a visit, ... overthere .

5. Jos van Riswick A great still life painter, with a enormous sense of color.

I often paint plein air with him, so here the change to point that out.

6. Jamie Grossman A great painter from NY she definitely put the Hudson Valley on the map.

7. Bart Westgeest A fellow countryman who is now living in Denmark. He's a very careful guy

who takes every line and dot of color very seriously. The painting and drawing he makes are so vibrant and thrilling to watch.

So seven of seven, .... héé that sounds like "Star Trek" but I've done my part. I could go on with naming many more painters, there are so much lovely artist on this world!!


Anonymous said...

René wrote: "Iam tagged by Judy from "Kats-in-Klompen". Don't know if I should be happy or, .... ?
Heh heh!! ;o)
But you did it, Hoera! Goed gedaan!

And also want to say, this painting of "de scheepswerf" is marvelous! Yay René. *applause - applause*

Judy & "de katten"

Jamie Williams Grossman said...

Rene, I really like this painting and the way the line of the boat pulls me to the houses.

Thanks so much for tagging me! I'm on the run today, but will join in as soon as I can---probably tomorrow. :)


Schuivert said...

Thanks for tagging me René... I couldn't escape :-) I am in.. but unsure if I am able to find 7 untagged bloggers. But if not I can follow Judith's example!

AtelierBrigitte said...

Thx for tagging me too :)
You know I like your paintings, because they always make me feel closer to where I was born.

Telling 7 things about myself is not so hard, but I do not know 7 other bloggers....


Jennifer McChristian said...

Wonderful foreshortened perspective on the ship.
Your ability to capture the mood and feeling of atmosphere is outstanding.

René PleinAir said...

Okay most of you do take it sportive that tagging thing, great.

I almost can hear the applause :-D

Yes it does, doesn't it. these boat are very great to paint a bit tricky but lots of fun.

Thanks for the nice words.
I try to catch the mood and atmosphere more lately, find it hard, there isn't that much going on in that perspective

Daniela Lot said...

Nice to know some of your secrets! :)