Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dieren, Holland

One of my plans this year is to get away more.
I mean by bus or train, to some city's in Holland.
There are so much beautiful ones here, ....

Today I did just that, a bit of a trial though see how things
going, what to take with me, how things turn out in that town
and so on. Plein air isn't just setup your gear and paint, is
80% looking maybe more, ... to find just that one spot that inspires.

"Hogestraat." Dieren, Holland.
Oil on board 18 x 24 cm.


Bonny said...

I'm really enjoying your Blog and all your wonderful paintings!

You really get around a lot and you always pick a beautiful view to paint and share with us.

I like to come and visit your site to see what you have painted.

rob ijbema said...

One of my plans this year is to stay closer to home,get more intimate with my seroundings,concentrating on the weather effects and moods it bring,spend less time looking for that perfect spot and reducing my carbon footprint in the process

if i get a chance to go out that is.....

lovely painting rene,seems to be more direct that your ussual.
have a great time hunting for scenes!

René PleinAir said...

Hi Bonny,

Thank you for the nice words, ...
It's nice to know that enjoying others as well to blog,... For me it's inspiring to know.

Your too mean, ... hehehe
But also so right, it not necessary to travel a lot to get a nice painting, it seeing a lot that does the trick, ... but then again, I've almost painted every tree here in Westervoort form three sides now, ... the fourth side is just a little too much for me now.

rob ijbema said...

anyway here is the link to those russian dudes...


look for bato and bezukev.

don't be off to russia now,the treins are late and it's cold.

René PleinAir said...

Too mean, isn't correct if I let the translation site run over it, ... nasty suits it better!

So Rob,
your nasty vile low like abject, with no base what so ever, ....

Or am I going to far now?!

I hope you accomplish that goal Rob, the little go-cart is such a good starting point for it! I am really looking forward to your process, ... Not using Ivory reduce you Carbon print also ;-P btw.

René PleinAir said...

Wow Rob, thanks for this link, .... unbelieveble ! altohugh I remember now that I saw them before, ...

btw. linking could be done by:

[a href=http://www.artrussia.ru/artists/artists_sale.php]Artrussia[/a] but then place < for [ and > for ]
you should get: