Sunday, January 06, 2008

Spiegeling. Holland.

An other from the my days of with my girlfriend.
We went to Amerfoort together, and she went shopping so
that I could paint least one painting of this lovely old

"Spiegeling." Amersfoort, Holland.
(Mirroring.) sold.
Oil on board. 18 x 24 cm.

btw. I've been tagged (again) by Luis Colan an artist for New York. It was quite a surprise but looking at his blog he make marvelous watercolors with a very loose style and great sense of abstractness. But his still life paintings are just awesome, a visit well worth!! Since I been tagged again now, I decided that I am not gonna tag anyone anymore. I do gonna point out 5 artist that I admire a lot, and tell 5 possible new stuff about myself.
So here we go:

1. Marc Hanson: Every time I see a painting from his hand, a funny feeling creeps up to me that I better can stop painting, ... it's soooo well done and now that he has a weblog also you even can see his work in such a detail. A great treat for everybody who likes paintings or paint.

2. Larry Seiler: Although I never met him in person, only by his postings and comments at WetCanvas, I think he is the kindest person living on Internet, .. the way he take the time to answer all peoples questions and tell about himself sometimes in comments makes him such a real person. I consider him a good friend with a very great heart of gold! His work is just unbelievable not only by looking at it but also the paintings on You-tube or on Wetcanvas teach so much about painting.

3.Judith Nijholt-Strong: Again ;-P
A American living here in Holland, and tells all kinds of stories about the Dutch customs and behaviours. Also I want to put her a so called "Hart onder de riem." because she lost a dear friends last year, and it's hard to blog with this lost. I hope she gets it going anyhow, her weblog is much fun to read, and accompanied with lovely drawings from her hand.

4.Sally Chupick: I discovered her last year, and admire her work a lot. She's got a sense of seeing stuff just a little different than I do. Hard to describe but a bit abstractness and an other sens of color that I find very appealing.

5.Pol Skardenni: Although Pól doesn't post often what he post is just awesome. You have to admire his work made in that region of our world! With all the wind and coldness he managed to paint soo large and soo well, it's just like being there, in that unbelievable beautiful spot on earth.

So that's for that part, now some new stuff about myself, ..... ahum.

1. I am addicted to "hagelslag" and I am NOT gonna tell what that is!!
Maybe Judith will someday. The one thing that I say is that it's edible.

2. The most part of wardrobe is quite the same. Most of my sweater for example are
made by my girlfriend. I usually buy more of the same trousers, so that I don't have to buy them for a long time, ... again. The same for my socks, they are black army socks for as long as I can remember.

3.During those day's that they broad-casted it, I was a huge fan of "star trek"
It didn't matter how often I had watched a episode I had to watch it again, ....
pity it's not so much on TV anymore, ... not on the Dutch one but also not on the foreign either.

4.One of my hobbies is Astronomy, .... I even made some of my own telescopes! One of them is a 25.5 cm (10 inch.) Dobson truss reflector (for insiders), .....

5.I really can't think of anything more, .... sorry, ..... hehehe.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rene! hey I like your painting you did from your trip. Nice arrangement of shapes throughout in the composition. Always nice to get away and see and experience fresh things to get artists inspired.

J. Nijholt-Strong said...

You are too kind René, but thanks for the nice words about me and my blog...or is it Sahca's bnlog? Ik weet het niet! lol

Hagelslag !!! LOL :D good idea for a "Kat" blog post and what about flokken? Hou je van flokken? LOL

Lovely painting as always. Amersfoort is a nice city to paint... and shop! ;)


J. Nijholt-Strong said...

Excuse my typos in that last comment... I was thinking in dutch but mis-typing in englsih! Foutje, bedankt! LOL

Anyway, I want to tell you that Star Trek is replayed on the BBC 1 or maybe it's BB2 here in Nederland...but very late at're probably asleep by then...but not me! :D :D

"Live long and prosper"
heh heh ;)

René PleinAir said...

Hi Sally,
Indeed, always good to get away to get inspired. Even better its one of my new idea for this year, get away more! There are so many beautiful old city's here in Holland. Thanks for visiting.

Hee Judith,
Euhm, .... it's Sacha's blog I reckon, .. but I never saw any drawings from her. BBC yes I knew, but it's really tooooo late! Especially that one hour ahead is tooo much hehehe.

Flokken is vlokken btw. ;-)

J. Nijholt-Strong said...

Ouf!...there I go again, hearing the Dutch in my head and getting the spelling all wrong!
Vlokken!! dat bedoel ik! LOL
I won't forget now. ;-)

BTW, thanks for the link to "stoofpeertjes recept" ... I'm keeping that, we love them in my house (except maybe Sacha doesn't). heh heh