Saturday, April 04, 2009

"Opmaak voor de show." Arnhem, Holland.

The skipper was quite ^$^$#@^%$# off that I had to paint this
side of his ship, ... hehehe
The other side was all in tip top scape, I asked if he was willing
to pay for NOT getting his ships name on the painting, he refused
we agreed that I would come back when his ship was painted.

Next week that is, there will be a monumental show of all kind
of old ships the so called "Kadedagen"
You can visit their website > Overthere < (Dutch though)

"Opmaak voor de show." Arnhem, Holland.
(Getting ready for the show.) Oil on panel.
24 x 30 cm.

(btw. I change the upload size, click to enlarge.)


nancy said...

I love all those boats at the Historische website. I really like the nobiling and the waterman. Thanks for sharing. What a treasure trove for you to attend and see so many boats at once!

Jos van Riswick said...

he ships lookin perfect to me!

Keith Tilley said...

Nice boats as usual. Doesn't the skipper know that rough old paintwork is more interesting!

I think you're going to be busy next week!