Tuesday, December 08, 2009

"Daar, daar is de Rijn." Arnhem, Holland.

As promised the view I had yesterday, but
first I have to straighten thing up.
The building yesterday isn't called "De Tafelberg"
but "De Stenen Tafel." Sorry for that, ...

It is indeed a very strange building and was also used as
a water-tower, ... As you can see here the height of this
building is for Dutch standard enormous, so a good point
to build a water-tower.

The view in this painting is too my hometown (sort of)
my home town is exactly behind the large building, your
looking towards Germany here, ...

"Daar, daar is de Rijn." Arnhem, Holland.
(There there is the Rhine.) Oil on panel.
24 x 30 cm.

For more info:

De Stenen tafel.


rob ijbema said...

that is a spectacular view rene
you cought that depth so well
fascinated to watch in the bigger picture and it really feels like winter light

Sizun said...

This is a striking painting. I like the composition and the vivid green of the foreground constrasting to subdued colors of the background, and this subtle light bathing everything... So well rendered !