Monday, December 07, 2009

"De Tafelberg." Arnhem, Holland.

This is the second painting from today,
The first one is just 180 dgr. the other direction
and as you can imagine it will be a marvelous view
because this building (being a restaurant) is on top
of a hill, and watching over the valley of the Rhine and IJssel.

I will post that one tomorrow, ...

"De Tafelberg." Arnhem, Holland.
(The Tablemountain.) Oil on panel.
24 x 30 cm.


Keith Tilley said...

What a strange building. Has it been converted to a restaurant from something else? It certainly makes a dramatic subject.

I wonder whether it would have been better moved to the left a bit, so that you could have made more of the 'L' shape.

René PleinAir said...

Hi keith,

Indeed a strange building that's what intrigued me about it so much. I've to Google about it tonight, ... About you suggestion, your right I should have walked around a little more maybe I would found a better composition, how ever there wasn't that much space between all the trees.Anyway thanks for your comment always appreciated

Sizun said...

This strange building looks like part of a ship to me...