Friday, December 04, 2009

QR code sticker-sheets

QR code!!

I saw this on TV last week and looked around in Internet
and today I got my own QR code, my what? my QR code.
I don't know how common it is in the US but here it's just
starting to appear here and there. So first a little explanation

> QR code demo < a 2:50 min video explaination.

With some internet programs you easy can make them yourself,
and put them for a few dollars on a stickersheet.

Here a few internet QR code generators:

> QR <

> Kaywa <

As you can see you can just generate text or a hyperlink to your website
what ever. When created one it easily can copied to a sheet of plastic or
banner or even on massonite. I made some stickers of it, here my examples:

My QR code linking to my website page.

The stickers after cutting

Here you go.

On my pochade/openbox

And an other look.

And on my bag.

I know not everybody has the capability to take a picture and look on
Internet with there mobile (yet) but I think it's a great idea to use for plein
air painters, you'r not always in the mood to talk and hand out your business
card, and I am also not a person who has all kinds of advertising stuff with
me, this seems to be a nice inconspicuously way of showing some info.

Let me know what you think!


Robert T said...

I'd like to say I understood what you are talking about, but I can't.
I guess I'll "google" QR code and try again.
By the way, nice mod on the open box M support bracket.
Great paintings recently.

Robert T said...

Got it now.

Another nail in the coffin of well thought out and designed advertisements.

Have not seen it here in Canada yet, but it is only a matter of time.


John Nicholas said...

I see this not infrequently but always in labeling for package delivery services/transportation labeling. Not yet quite to the billboard stage yet here in the US.
Rather interesting images.

João Oliveira Simões said...

Check out iD Shirt. Your QR Code on a T Shirt. Http://

nancy said...
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